Blackjack strategy

The lack of a strategy is a recipe for failure. It helps you define a pathway that has the best chance of delivering a victory. The most basic way to win a game is to come up with a chart. These charts allow you to create simple but effective strategies for black jack.

Once you know the number of decks in a game, it is easy to make winning choices; this can be easily achieved by examining the charts. A Single Deck Blackjack strategy is simpler than playing a multi-deck game, especially if you plan to count cards.

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The odds at a single deck game are usually tighter than multi-deck games especially in terms of busting a hand and doubling down. This is because there are simply few cards with a value of 10 or lower.

A 4-deck strategy has more complex odds than a simple double deck game. The chart for this game is:

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An 8-deck strategy is quite different since some variables of the game have been set. For instance, the number of players in a game and bankroll has to be set.

The house edge for this game is usually set at 0.58%. These are high odds since you have to play two hands per game.

There are many strategies for blackjack in an 8-deck game. However, you might have to look for a specific chart depending on the game you are playing. The strategy charts can be used for 4 to 8 decks. Here is a good example where the dealer stands on soft 17:

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Here is another simple strategy chart that you can have in your arsenal of strategies. It is quite easy to commit to memory.

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Thus far, the blackjack charts show you how to play using different cards to land a victory. There are other types of charts called hand charts. These charts let you know which hand value you should play compared to the value of the cards. The odds chart helps you optimize each hand. A hits chart guides you on how to get close to 21 once the dealer gives out a card.

Assuming the dealer as to hit a soft 17, here is a good cheat sheet example:

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How to count cards in blackjack

Some players would wish to know how card counting works. The use of blackjack card counting is amongst the oldest known ways to win. It is a process of probability and elimination. It seeks to determine the advantage one has based on the cards the dealer still has.

To succeed, you need to have a solid strategy. When playing with multiple decks, you do not need to have a perfect memory. Just give the cards a value. For instance, number 2-6 can have a value of +1; those between 7-9 have a value of 0; those cards from 10-A have a value of -1.

The easiest card strategy is the running count. For instance, the running count in this round is zero. A positive running count means undealt cards have a large value; a negative running count means they have a lower value. Thus, you should increase or decrease the bet respectively.


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